Thursday, January 16, 2014

Video Break!

This video...

I could write an entire paper on this music video.

I'm told it's done "live" with two cameras doing twenty second shots; each crew "leap frogging" to set up the next shot before the previous one finished. And as such, you catch glimpses of them scrambling around in the background (though I'm pretty sure the one with the bikini clad girls was fake :).

It shows the things we (usually) try to hide while, at the same time, attempting to keep up the "traditional" framing of standard music videos. Even if it only lasts for mere seconds per twenty second shot.

It's self-referential all while simultaneously telling two stories: The one in front of the camera and the one behind, which incidentally, is also in front of the camera.

All while trying to be cool.


Ed (sloweddi) said...


Michael Taylor said...

Very nice. You're right -- a lot could be said about this video -- but I'll limit myself to one comment: love the way they used space lights in this one...

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