Sunday, September 13, 2015

Fork In The Road.

I came upon a fork in the road. One led to a steady position as a lamp operator on a very well known show, while the other led to a higher position on a lesser known show.

I stood for the longest time at the damn fork, not knowing which path to take. One would lend a better job title to my resume while the other held a show name anyone would recognize whether they watched it or not.

The lamp op position held the possibility of advancement. But just a possibility. Not a guarantee. And nothing official as I'd only be covering for this person or that person for whatever reason until their absence become more permanent. In other words, I'd be the understudy of the department, ready to step in whenever needed. And I'd be working under familiar people who I respect on a creatively fascinating show.

The Best Boy position on the other path is one I've done before. And while I loved loved loved the job and the relief it gave my back from lifting coils of cable, I could've gotten along better with my boss, who rarely ever saw eye to eye with me on how to run things, making everything that much more difficult. There was a battle every day.

So which path do I chose?

The one with the lower job title on a prestigious show with good people?

Or the one that leads to a smaller show with a higher job title and a boss I don't necessarily like?

I'm standing at this crossroads, not knowing which path to take. I know I need to pick one soon and start my next journey, but I still have some time before the sun goes down. So for now, I think I'll stand here, staring at my choices, just a bit longer...

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