Monday, July 23, 2012

Things That Don't Suck, Part 1.

In no particular order:

- Being first in the breakfast line.

- Hopping in right before the pass van takes off.

- Shooting in a cool store/museum/building/school with a game room.

- Food trucks for second meal.

- Taking gators and golf carts for a spin.

- Hanging out on the lift gate at lunch.

- When one day of work with a good crew turns into two weeks or more.

- Getting a wrap gift you can actually use and/or wear.

- Really good crafty.

- P.A.s who know how to do a proper lock up. ie: They don't shush you for every tiny thing despite set being a hundred yards away; They let you cross when the Director stops the scene to give notes even though we're still rolling; They let you onto set even though we're about to roll because they know you're supposed to be on set for the shot.

- Taking a blind call for work only to show up and realize you know a big chunk of the crew from one show or another.

- Setting down a light, turning it on and it's in the absolute perfect spot. "It's great! Don't touch it!"

- Taking home part of the set dressing at the end of the shoot.

- Tail lights when there's still daylight out.

- Locations that are five minutes from your house.

- Martinis where you only have one light playing.

- Full crew on load out and wrap days.

- Load out days in general.

- Beating the clock.

- Hard outs that actually mean it.

- Seeing the Gaffer across the room and knowing what he wants before he can even reach for his walkie. And even better, with an understanding nod to one another, you perform the task without one word being exchanged.

- Being able to use house power.

- Day exteriors.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Things That Suck, Part 1.*

(I'm taking a cue from D this week...)

In no particular order:

- Bathrooms that are right next to set. As in, you're trapped in the bathroom and can't flush because they're rolling.

- Breakfast isn't served yet because you have a pre-call and by the time you catch a break, catering has already stopped serving.

- People who put chairs in doorways, and when they see you heading towards the door carrying something big and heavy, they scooch over... but are still in their seat. The chair's still in the way, asshole. Sliding your butt to the left or the right doesn't negate the fact the chair hasn't moved.

- Departments who insist on wrapping up the stingers they borrow, not because they're trying to be nice, but because they're trying to prove they can do it right. Guess what? You can't. The loops are too big/too small/it's backwards and/or "over-under."

- Departments who "borrow" stingers without asking, use them in some far corner of the set without telling anyone, and then leave them there at the end of the night.

- The guy who's there for one day and wins Five Dollar Friday.

- 9am calltime way across town.

- 5pm wraps way across town.

- That one guy from that one department that bugs you for a stinger every time you're in the middle of a major set up. And no, it can't wait. And yes, he's going to bug you every 30 seconds about it.

- Sloooow service elevators.

- Gaffers who change their mind about the same damn light five times.

- Unexpected rain when you're out on location.

- Shooting at a house on a steep hill with an equally steep driveway.

- Overloaded carts with a broken brake and a flat tire.

- When 2nd meal gets there the second they call wrap.

- When Locations can't figure out how to turn off the sprinkler system.

- Carrying a full roll of tape on your belt.

- Getting mistaken for a P.A.

- The equipment delivery you've been waiting all morning for finally arrives the second you sit down for lunch.

* Because we all know no post is long enough to list them all.  :)

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

I Should've Been A Grip...

As I was doing research the other day (read: going to random websites and procrastinating), I stumbled upon this article that talked about the proposed ban of large sodas in NYC. Interestingly enough, it wasn't the absurd subject matter that made me do a double take, but rather the very first line:

"While hit new movies might make millionaires out of actors, directors and key grips, movie theaters often make little to no money on the actual ticket sales of high-profile, first-run movies."

How many of you can spot what's wrong with that sentence?*

* Either that, or I'm in the wrong department...

Friday, July 6, 2012


Regrets collect like old friends
here to relive your darkest moments...
... It's hard to dance with the Devil on your back.
                                                                                  -Florence + The Machine

I have a lot of regrets in my young lifetime. Shy and reserved in my youth, I tried my best not to draw attention to myself. Fitting in was my goal. I hid from opportunities. Standing out for any reason, good or bad, terrified me. I was always unsure whether or not I should speak my mind. I didn't stand up for people when I should have. I had dreams, but was too scared to reach for them.

Then one day, I realized I couldn't live this way anymore. Something had to change. I could be better. I could do more. I have the potential. It's in there, somewhere. I knew it. The person I wanted to be was aching to be let out...

As I grew older, I grew stronger. I realized that I didn't know what was holding me back because, well, nothing was. My biggest enemy was me, cowering behind a safe wall of familiarity.

That's when I stopped hiding. I stopped waiting for opportunities to find me, only for me to cowardly pass them up. Instead, I sought them out. I hunted them down. And when I didn't like the terms given, I'd change them until I did. I made myself known.

I now walk into a room with purpose. I do my job with strength and integrity. I look out for those around me. I surround myself with very good people and forget the rest.

I got tired of keeping my true self locked away within me. I got tired of all the missed opportunities. I got tired of all the regrets. And it took me too long before I finally had the courage to do something about it. Sometimes I wonder where I'd be if I hadn't hidden myself from the world for so long.

But I do not regret not coming out of my shell sooner. My decisions in the past, whether they were mistakes or not, formed the path that has led me to where I am today.

And where I am now is pretty damn awesome.

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