Monday, July 16, 2018

"Lessons From A Vacuum Cleaner."

Way back when I was just starting out, I joined The Freelancer's Union. While it's not exactly geared towards our industry, they do offer things like health insurance, various discounts, a database of deadbeat companies who don't pay up and countless articles on taxes, networking, saving for retirement, how to get paid, etc. If you're not in a union but want the support of one, it's worth checking out (and it's free!).

Anyway, while I don't really take advantage of all the great things they offer, I do occasionally read the weekly newsletter/e-mail they send out, and this week's contained an article that I definitely think is worth reading.

While it's about a vacuum cleaner, this well written story spoke to me on many levels. If you read it and don't understand how it pertains to us in this industry, then maybe you just need a few more tools in your tool box. ;)

Read it here:
Lesson's From A Vacuum Cleaner.

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Of Course...

On the Tech Scout*
Me: "There's a pool here. We should order GFCIs."
Everyone else: "No, they're expensive! And there's no scene where we're actually in the pool."

After the Scout, talking with the Gaffer - 
Me: "I know there's no scene in the pool, but are we setting lights near it? It is, after all, close to those big patio doors you want to light."
Him: "No. We won't have lights anywhere near the pool."

During the Production Meeting**
Director: "There's a pool at the house, but we'll just be by it. No one actually goes in it."
Writer: "There's no scene where anyone gets in the pool."
Locations: "We didn't get permission to use their pool."
Production: "No one goes in the pool."

When I'm putting together an equipment list:
Me: "Are you sure we shouldn't get any GFCIs?"
Gaffer: "No, we're good without them. We're not putting anything by the pool. There's no scene in the pool. No actors are in the water. No need for GFCIs."

After the budget is locked and equipment is loaded and we start shooting the next day:
Me: Sees new script is out. I take a look. New scene is added. Yup, actors are now in a pool. "Sigh..." 

* Tech Scout is where department heads and/or their assistants visit the locations with a Director, ADs and Production ahead of shooting to see what needs to be changed, what equipment to order, etc. Basically so we're not going in blind the day of.

** Meeting with department heads (and/or their reps) and Production after the scout so we can all talk about who needs what for what day from what department so we're all on the same page. 
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