Thursday, February 28, 2013

You Know You've Made It Big When...

... you agree to help out a friend on a low budget thing, and when you're wrapping the gear, you have trouble fitting the correct pieces into the Kino Coffin. You wonder why you're having such a hard time with such a simple task* when you realize it's been years since you've packed one because most shows you've been on recently have Kino carts instead.


* Simple in the sense that it's common knowledge for those who work all the time in low budget stuff. In reality, it can be like a game of Tetris just to get everything to fit back in there, only less fun.


Phillip Jackson said...

Ha, I'm on the other side of that. I have yet to see a kino kart of set.

Ed (sloweddi) said...

That's why you always carry a sawzall and duct tape... and have a friend that will swear you were across town at the time on another job :)

Anonymous said...

or if your show has several moving head lights (yay dmx and a real budget for lighting)

Niall said...

or your show has a honey wagon and you don't have to walk down to coffee shop, use the location bathroom which is being used as a set, port-a-potty, or find a darken alley way.

Anonymous said...

or if lighting dept gets to approve/PO their own orders (ie you don't have to run everything past the higher ups of production to get it approved). I met a guy who works like that frequently this past week...they just give him a stack of POs).That is some kind of awesome.

A.J. said...

Phillip - You'll get there one day!

Ed - I left my sawzall in my other pants. :)

Anon - Those are always fun... Until you de-rig them and consistently try to put them back in their cases backwards. :)

Niall - Productions that expect you to use a dark alleyway (or desert, woods, bushes, etc) obviously don't have many females on their crew. I've been on such shows and were grateful for nearby gas stations and Starbucks.

Anonymous - That's pretty bitchin'.

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