Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Vampire Weekend: "Cousins"

I'm sure we've all seen a music video or two (probably more) where the band rocks out with some Maxi Brutes flashing around in the background. Sometimes it's because the Producer/Director/Lead Singer thinks it looks cool and sometimes (especially on the low budget level) it's kind of a "well, we can't frame them out... So fuck it! Let's put them IN the shot!" type of situation. Either way, I'm kind of tired of seeing them.

But in steps this Vampire Weekend music video. There's no ubiquitous Maxi Brute anywhere in this thing (thank goodness) but they definitely embrace another kind of film equipment in their shots.

I kinda like it.


Nathan said...

I like it!

I'm 99.9% sure they shot that in Cortlandt Alley (one of the few actual alleys in Manhattan). And I'm also pretty sure they shot it on a weekend since there isn't a single shot of a lumber truck trying to park on the dolly track or a Chinese guy yelling at the crew to get the hell out of his alley!

I'll let the grips in the crowd comment on how exhausting that day must have been for a few of the crew. (Ouch!)

Niall said...

Director: I got an idea lets build a plywood dolly, have talent stand on it and bomb up and down this alley way all day.

Dolly Grip: Oh sure, no problem.

Michael Taylor said...

Can't say I think much of the song, but the video isn't bad.

Never forget that the four most feared words on set from a director or DP are: "I have an idea..."

A.J. said...

Nathan - My guess would be that it was shot on a weekend as well. Although I'm curious as to why there was a sudden onslaught of people walking around in the background at one point in an otherwise deserted area.

Niall - Haha... I can totally see that happening.

Michael - I've had many bad days as a result of those four little words...

Niall said...

I have an idea is the "Little did he/she/they know" of the film world. Greek tragedies have open with less ominous intent than "I have an idea". It's akin to "wanna see something cool" prefacing an ER visit. Bad things happen.

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