Friday, August 27, 2010

My Current State Of Affairs.

My legs are covered in bruises from running into too many set pieces, ballasts, and awkward stands.
My arms have minor cuts and scrapes from brushing up against set walls, an unusually sharp-edged cart and who knows what else.
My hands are dry and calloused and in bad need of a manicure.
My muscles are tired and sore from lugging around cable, stands and lights.
I'll come home, plop my ass on the couch, and just lay there for a few minutes, confused. I often don't know which I want to do first: shower, eat or sleep.
And in a few short hours, it'll all start over again...

But I'm working. Oh hallelujah, have I been working. Maybe too much. I haven't had a real day off in weeks. But then again, after having suffered for a couple of years with little to no work, this sudden flow of paychecks is like raiding an unguarded maids' cart in a hotel hallway: You take more than you probably should, but do so because you'll never know when an opportunity like this will come by again.


D said...

Put it away, PUT IT AWAY. Have two separate accounts and put every other check in one if you can. Before you know it, you'll have enough to take a few months off if you have to. The beauty of the film business when you are single is that it builds up fast ansd you don't have to work.

The Grip Works said...

When you are single and don't have 2 kids !!

I'll be welcoming you to that club soon D !!

A.J. said...

D and The Grip Works - Believe me, I'm trying to save it as much as I can! But it's hard, especially after such a long period of little to no income. I'm tempted to spoil myself just a little bit before I stash it all away...

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