Friday, March 26, 2010

This Is Getting Old...

Me: "Damn, the Gaffer really went off on that new guy."
Colleague: "Eh, it sucks, but everyone gets yelled at when they're first starting out."
Me: "Yeah, but I don't think I've ever been yelled at like that though."
Colleague: "Well yeah, that's because you're a girl."

Prop Guy: "Ugh. The caterers never get anyone's orders right."
Me: "I dunno. They get mine right most of the time."
Prop Guy: "Well yeah. You're a girl."

Best Boy: "I really wish the Art Department wouldn't get so snobby every time I ask them for something."
Me: "Snobby? Really? That's weird. They've been perfectly nice to me so far."
Best Boy: "Well yeah. That's because you're a chick."

Oh... That's the reason why??

All this time, I was thinking I never got yelled at because I actually paid attention to what I was doing and didn't fuck up as much as the others.

I thought my breakfast orders usually came out right because I keep things simple (bacon, eggs, toast) instead of some crazy egg white-cheese-salsa-turkey bacon-avocado-on-lightly-toasted-sourdough-bread concoction.

That the Art Department was nice to me because I was nice to them. Never mind that I know all of their names and ask them how they're doing every day. Never mind that you only go to them when you want something and often roll your own eyes when they ask a favor in return.

But now I know it's all because I'm a girl. Not because I know how to do my job well or that I have basic people skills. And it's definitely not because I'm a hard worker or because I'm considerate of others and their own jobs.

No no no... I get treated the way I do because I'm a girl.

Thanks for clearing that up.

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