Wednesday, March 10, 2010


We're in the process of setting up a scene and I'm moving around a light. With people from every department milling about, dressing the set, setting dolly tracks, running sound cables, etc, the Gaffer's giving me instructions over the walkie rather than use hand signals or shouting over everyone else.

"Keep moving back. A little further... Keep going... Keep going... I said keep going! Keep going! Don't stop there! Keep walking back! What are you doing?? Don't just stand there! MOVE BACK!!!"

Eventually, annoyed and frustrated on my insistence to stay where I am, he throws his arms up in agony. Luckily, such a dramatic gesture involves both hands and thus, he lets go of the talk button on his walkie, finally letting me get a word in over the channel.

"Hey, boss? You're standing on my cable."

"...oh." He steps off it. "Keep going back, please."


Niall said...

It's funny how often this happens. You need to tell them something important to the situation and they're either hogging the walkie, your battery has dies, or your/their head set decides to not work anymore.

Walkies can be a pain once and while.

British Grip said...

Walkies are a pain all day, every day. I hate having that thing in my ear, the only thing that's worse is not having one at all.

A.J. said...

Niall and British Grip - Yeah, walkies. You can't stand having one, but you can't work without them.

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