Tuesday, November 25, 2008

One Of The Stupidest Questions To Ask Right Now...

I'm dreading the Holiday get togethers even more than usual this year. It was hard enough explaining what my job is/"was" in previous years and I have a feeling it will be even more horrific this year trying to explain why I'm not working as much.

Plus, there's even the more dreaded question: So what have you been doing this whole time if you're not working?

I mean, I can't exactly tell them that I've been watching a lot of TV and baking cookies. And you know what? That's a stupid question to ask anyway. I mean, unemployed people all pretty much do the same things. Look for work and wait for an opportunity. We watch TV, make dinner and vacuum the rug while we worry about our financial future. Sometimes a load of laundry or two is thrown into the mix.

I know that the question is asked innocently enough, but damn, it's annoying.

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