Thursday, November 20, 2008

Guys Can Be Such Girls Sometimes.

You know how there are those people you used to be friends with, but then things either got awkward, boring, or annoying? And for whatever reason, you two just don't talk to each other anymore, but their number's still in your phone because it's not like you hate them or anything. It's just that your friendship kinda faded so what's the diff if you still have their number? It's kinda like keeping an old work number in your phone. You don't work there anymore, but you're too lazy to delete it and what does it matter if you still have it?

Anyway, I just got a text from one of those people. Apparently, he was going through his contacts and found that he still has my number. "Let me know if you want me to delete it" he says.

Uh... Newsflash: It's your phone. Keep it if you want to. Delete it if you don't.

I mean, WTF is that?? It is kinda sad because we were once good friends, but come on, we haven't spoken to each other in ages and honestly, I totally forgot you were in my phone until this morning. I couldn't care less if you kept it or not, just as long as you don't post it on a bathroom stall somewhere. Why are you asking me if YOU should keep my number in YOUR phone? And FYI, your melodramatic text reminds me why we kinda stopped hanging out in the first place.

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