Sunday, November 23, 2008

I've Heard This Story So Many Times I Feel Like I'm In "Groundhog's Day".

I'm tired of all this SAG/AMPTP strike talk. It's because of these "talks" that I'm not working and I have friends leaving the business.

They've been "talking" for about six months now, and every time they "talk", neither side budges. Now they're having new "talks" and guess what? They're all saying the same damn thing!

For Pete's sake SAG, your industry is at a standstill and most everyone is out of work. There are five other unions (and tentatively a sixth) who more or less took the same deal. This is the one industry that's historically been "recession proof", but now it's losing money. What makes you think threatening to strike is a good idea? It's a three year contract for crying out loud, and if you had taken the offer to begin with, it'd already be 20% over and you'd be reaping the benefits of the better terms instead of still working off the old, expired contract. Either put the damn strike out to a vote, or take the AMPTP's offer. Stop being childish.

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