Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Adventures In Excessive Shushing, pt. 3.

Real thing that happened on set today:

P.A.: "Rolling!"
Other P.A.: "SHHHH!"

Yup. A P.A. shushed another P.A. for calling out "Rolling."



Anonymous said...

As much as overzealous shushers can be irritating, I cannot stand lazy or incompetent Shushers who's idea of a lockdown is to check how many likes their latest #setlife picture got on instagram.

A.J. said...

Anonymous - Agreed a thousand times over. I can't tell you how often I'm crossing by a lock up, not knowing if we're rolling or not and unable to get the attention of the P.A. doing said lock up because they're on their phone. Next time, I'm just gonna go and if I happen to walk through a shot because we're rolling, I have no problem pointing fingers at the P.A. who's too busy taking a selfie to do their job.

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