Monday, June 26, 2017

Adventures In Excessive Shushing, pt. 2.

Dear P.A.s doing lock ups,

You have a job to do. I get it. If someone makes a peep on set while we're rolling, all hell breaks loose on your walkie channel (and in turn, in your ear) about finding the source of the sound and eliminating it.

We all totally understand it.

All we ask is that you use a little bit of common sense and judgement before you go all ape-shit on us for making the tiniest bit of noise.

Shushing us when we're ten feet away from video village and giggling at a YouTube video? Fair game. Shush away!

But when the set and video village is in the back room of a sizable house and I'm outside in the front, down the long driveway and on the other side of the property wall? Did you really have to shush me for cracking open a bottle of water? Really?

Trust me when I say that no one's going to hear that when there's three walls and 150 feet between us, so the vein popping "SHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!1!!!" you threw in my direction was totally unnecessary.

-Crews everywhere.



Michael Taylor said...

Yes. You can tell a lot about the kind of producer, director, UPM, or AD that PA will eventually become by the way he-or-she shushes the crew. Some know how and when to do it, but others (like the one you described so well) don't have a clue -- and I pity the crew who ends up working for the latter when he-or-she eventually rises to a position of power on set...

D said...

I hate, HATE being shushed. I always say this is the one business where someone thirty years younger than you can talk to you like you're a five year old.

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