Sunday, August 16, 2015


I need a 10K going through the window.



Where's it going?

It's going [schkkschskch] in the we-[strcchhhkskksch]


[skckkschgcshhskkkscks] I got [schhfckkschkkschshchshrshhcksackfffkkgch] window.

Steppage. Can you go again, Gaffer?

It's going in the west bedroom window.


Is anyone getting that light?

Yeah, I [gcshkkshcksgskshcskfskacksschshsshkkcshgk]

I'll take that as a yes.


Yeah, I have the light. Can someone help me with the stand though?





Who the he-[gskkcshschhskchsshcagschhchsackkshsksa]








*"Steppage" is when someone steps on what you're saying over the radio. Film set walkies operate in half-duplex mode, which means you can either talk or listen, but not at the same time. So when someone's talking and someone "steps in" with a comment of their own, all everyone else hears is static. Loud, annoying, ear drum crushing static.

**And that, my friends, was how my whole last week went.


A said...


Michael Taylor said...

Indeed. Walkies are essential on set these days, but they're such a pain in the ass...

Ed (sloweddi) said...

Many, many, years ago when I was with a studio at the corner or Melrose and Van Nuys, I had to do a lot of work in Irvine. They gave ma a huge walkie and said that this was so the shop could get in touch and it was our own frequency and no one else would be on it so if I got called I had to answer right away.
I started getting requests for this and that and had no idea what they wanted but finally I get a location and went there to see what was up... and on entering the property was immediately followed by surveillance and guards in nice jackets and asked why I wanted to enter the secure location at Bechtel. Turns out they gave me the wrong radio.
While I liked being off the lot, I hated being off the lot.

Unknown said...

Why is it such a difficult concept for people? If the question wasn't posed to you, don't respond.

If you're not carrying in that piece of gear in (or responding in lieu of the person with full hands), don't respond.

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