Thursday, February 2, 2012

It Sucks When...

... You're finally feeling super comfortable at your job now. You know the crew well and get along with everyone. The big, intimidating looking pieces of equipment you were once worried about handling, you're now making your bitch. You know your gear and know how to use it quickly, efficiently and almost effortlessly.

Basically, you get the feeling you're no longer considered to be "green" anymore and are slowly working your way to veteran status.

But then your boss, during a casual conversation, describes you as "new"... and your colleagues nod in agreement.

Damn. Talk about an ego check...


Michael Taylor said...

You can't let this stuff bother you. If you happen to be the latest addition to that particular crew, then you'll always be the "new guy/gal" until someone newer comes along and gets in line behind you. Or maybe you're the youngest person on that crew, with only five years of experience compared to the ten-to-twenty years your fellow juicers, the Best Boy, and Gaffer have under their belts.

It's just talk, words filling the empty space between setups. So long as the Best Boy keeps calling you for jobs, you're in good shape. Nothing else really matters.

Niall said...

Don't worry I have these moment all the time where I think I'm slowly working my way to being a seasoned guy but realize I still don't know half the shit people ten, fifteen, or twenty years in know compared to me.

You've been at this about as long as me, so around five, six years. We both have another five years(give or take) before we're old and salted enough to be veteran technicians.

One thousand days to forge ten thousand days to polish. Perfection is time consuming.

JD said...

Already been said, you can always be the new guy on a shoot despite knowing half the crew or "above the line" people. Flip side is when you're considered too "old" to know about or handle new technology on a shoot.
You know anything about intelligent lighting? Wow! Really, I though all they had were rheostats boards and arc lights when you started.

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