Wednesday, July 6, 2011

"Anyone Can Do It."

The Worlds First Wedding Photo + Video shot 100% with an iPhone 4

"Shooting in DV (digital video as opposed to film or Hi-Def)* has really democratized film making. Anyone with a video camera can go out and make a movie. That means, unfortunately, any idiot can go out and make a movie. It lowers the entry fee."  
- Michael Schwartz (Sales and Marketing coordinator for the Sony Pictures High Definition Center)

*This quote is a few years old, but if you replace "DV" with "Hi-Def" it's still a very valid point.

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Ed (sloweddi) said...

I am really amazed at the high quality of work that, what looks like a professional crew, can get from an iPhone. Does it have a tripod mount or is that extra? ;)

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