Saturday, July 10, 2010

It's Kind Of Disheartening When...

... you realize this guy you've met and worked with over a half dozen times in the past couple of months, who you respect and kind of admire, not only has no damn clue what your name is, but he really doesn't give a shit.


Niall said...

Yeah, that happens. It will remain to be a kick the gut for a while. All you can do i just think 'is it worth my time to feel bad about it'. The answer is always no.

As a strange family member once said to me, keep a stiff upper lip. Queen and country and all that what, what.

Just remember, you'll go on in your career, he'll always be a dick in not caring what your name was. Your stronger than most for what you do as a job, never forget that.

The Grip Works said...

Is this guy in the same department (or related) as you ? Is he grip, electric, rigging ? Because if he is, that is just bad manners. If he isn't. chances are he's just really preoccupied on set, and means no disrespect.

A.J. said...

Niall - It can definitely be a kick in the gut, but it can be a good reality check as well. I guess I'm not that big of a fish in a small pond if a guy with his kind of credits doesn't think it's worthwhile to even pretend to know my name.

The Grip Works - He was the Gaffer to my juicing.

The Grip Works said...

"He was the Gaffer to my juicing"

He's an idiot.

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