Friday, May 21, 2010

Be A Good Best Boy.

I'm annoyed when the Best Boy doesn't provide adequate information.
I'm annoyed when he doesn't tell you that you'll be be rigging outside in the hot sun the next day.
I'm annoyed when he doesn't tell you that you're earmarked for condor duty.
I'm annoyed when he'll talk to Production about getting paid overtime only after you and your co-workers make a big stink over it.
I'm annoyed when he tells you it'll be a half day, only for it to go a full 12 hours, after which he'll just shrug and say "Well, that's how long your contract's for."
I'm especially annoyed when he doesn't turn your time cards in on time.
I'm even more annoyed when he leaves your paperwork out for days to the point where it gets trashed and you have to fill it all out again.
I'm annoyed when he doesn't mention which days Production takes off and you don't find out until you look at the call sheet the day before.
Or worse yet, you don't even get a call sheet and have to find out second hand from a co-worker.
I'm also annoyed when the Best Boy thinks you getting second hand info from people in a different department is "good enough" and therefore doesn't bother to update/keep you informed on anything.

Bottom line: Bad Best Boys annoy me.


Anonymous said...

Some of us describe a tangled and knotted cable as having a bunch of best boys in it.

Niall said...

I think the worst is an unclean unlabeled truck that hasn't been properly maintained. Gells every where in the truck, scrims mixed in the wrong bags, one giant inter department 'shit' crate, and the unholy of unholy a messy gell crate.

A.J. said...

Anonymous Juicer - Hm. Interesting. Can you use it in a sentence for me? (Seriously.)

Niall - Rest assured, that's also on my list of annoyances, as well as the procrastinating Best Boy's reply of "Yeah, I know it's a mess. I'll get to it later."

JD said...

"Bests" who don't have basic electric and mechanical repair skills. Great at marking equipment as faulty, not so great at deductive reasoning. "Bests" who thing a Leatherman and an interchangable tip screwdriver are all they need to fix any problem.

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