Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Who Wants Pizza?

Fresh Out Of College Kid: "Ever try the Dominos pizza tracker? That thing's kinda cool."
Me: "No... I don't order pizza."
FOOCK: "So what pizza place do you order from then? Pizza Hut?"
Me: "No, mean 'I don't order pizza' as in I never order pizza."
FOOCK: "What? Why not?"
Me: "Because I work on too many damn productions where lunch is pizza so I can't stand to eat any on my days off."
FOOCK: "You get that much free pizza? Lucky you!"

Oh, to be that innocent again...


anton said...

man, i just worked a job where we got Lil' Caesar's. 10 pizzas - 5 pepperoni and 5 cheese. the. worst. idea. ever.

Nathan said...

Did someone say
Dominoes Pizza Tracker?


(Luckily, it's been a long time since I've been on a set where Production could consider pizza anything other a treat from crafty.)

John said...

I worked a show where for a week we had catered meals then the next had the wounder of hot food ripped from our hands and replaced with sandwiches. Not an awesome gourmet sandwich but a sad, sad boxed lunch.

If this had been summer I might of not have been so pissed but when you're on the Oregon coast in April. Wet and cold become a frame of mind more than the curent weather.

I felt bad for them but I chewed out production for six days. To say the least they had Pizza waiting for us on the first day of the next week. I was just happy to see something other than a sandwich and that it was hot.

A.J. said...

Anton - I feel nauseous just thinking about it.

Nathan - I think I'm a long ways off from ever considering pizza to be a treat again... :(

John - ...Unless I find myself in your situation. :)

John said...

A.J.: I hope for you sake you don't :P

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