Wednesday, August 26, 2009

You Know You've Been Working Too Hard When...

... on your day off, you head to the kitchen to grab you and a friend some soda. You forgot to ask what kind he wants, so reach for your walkie and wonder why you can't find it.


John said...

I've done that myself many a time. I call it phantom walkie syndrome.

Another great one is when some one asks you to do something and you tell them to ask some one on production, and that it's not your job.

Nathan said...

The worst for me is when I end a cellphone conversation (usually with a civilian), by saying, "Copy that. Back to one."


John said...


Another funny one is a gaffer I best for on jobs with out walkies will grab for a non existent transmitter and start to say an order than realize that he's talking into is shirt.

A.J. said...

Nathan - I've been there and done that with face-to-face conversations. I find that it's best to just act like nothing unusual happened, although the confused looks that usually ensue are priceless.

John - That's way too funny. The good news is that I at least realize I don't have a walkie before I start talking into my shirt.

Also, I think I'm going to start using the phrase "phantom walkie syndrome" and see if it catches on. Anyone with me?

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