Wednesday, October 29, 2008

If My Day Was A Play On Broadway, Wardrobe Would Be A Bitch.

Want to hear something totally ridiculous and makes sense to absolutely no one but me?

I wore 6 different outfits today and changed clothes a total of 7 times. No joke.

Here's the breakdown...
- Woke up in PJs. Nothing new.
- Changed into jeans, a tank, and a track jacket... Then realized that it was 90 degrees outside and wearing a jacket outside would suck. But without the jacket, the tank wasn't working for me. So I...
- Changed into a different tank top, threw on a plaid button-up over it and headed to the supermarket. (And FYI, I should've stuck with the jacket. It was pretty chilly inside.)
- After I got home, I felt a bit gross and took a shower. I emerged from the bathroom wearing my PJs again because sometimes, it feels good to be wearing PJs after taking a nice hot shower.
- Shortly afterward, I noticed on my grocery receipt that they had double charged me on a package of yeast (note: be on the lookout of some form of bread-baked goodness in the future), so I threw on an old college sweatshirt, a pair of jeans, and headed back to the store.
- When I returned, it was time for me to get ready to meet this guy I found on Craigslist who was selling me some old gear he no longer needed. I know I could have totally met the guy wearing what I already had on, but I like to make a good first impression. Besides, looking presentable would probably give me a bit more bargaining power if some of his items don't check out okay. So I changed into a more flattering ensemble and out the door I went.
- A few hours later and I was back in my apartment, where I promptly changed into something with more breathing room.
- And now, as I sit here writing this, I'm back in my comfy and mismatched PJs. Notice how I always come back to the PJs? It's a wonderful cycle.

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