Thursday, August 19, 2010

What Would You Do?

Okay, here's a "hypothetical" situation...

Let's say you need to hire someone for a day of work and long story short, you have two possibilities and only two. And for simplicity sake, let's say that their professionalism and skill level are just about even.

Option #1 is kind of a friend of yours. The two of you aren't BFFs or anything, but he's definitely more than just a casual acquaintance. He's asked that you keep him in mind when jobs come up and you agreed to do so.

Option #2 is someone you don't really know. But, he's related to somewhat of a friend of yours who's in a better position than you. This friend has asked that you keep their sibling/cousin/kid/family member in mind when jobs come up and if you find him something, your friend will in turn, "scratch your back".

So what would you do? Would you bring on your friend who you know and are more familiar with and would like to see get ahead in the game?

Or do you bring on the other guy because now his relative will owe you a favor? A favor that can be very valuable for you down the line...

Are you loyal to your friend? Or your career?


Nathan said...

It sounds as if you've been in a position to recommend people fairly often lately, so I'd take turns offering work to one then the other. You'll be helping each one of them, and even if they're not available when you call them, you still get points for trying. (I hope that doesn't sound to mercenary. I think it's actually pretty fair.)

A.J. said...

Nathan - Despite me having two back-to-back posts about me hiring people, the opportunity doesn't happen as often as I'd like. Even then, the question becomes which one do I call for the better gig?

The Grip Works said...

Do what feels right ethically. The work will come your way anyway. Someone in a better position than you may or may not be able to help you. But someone you helped will always know what you did for them.
Todays PA tomorrows Producer, and sometimes todays Producer is tomorrows PA (I've seen it happen).

Michael Taylor said...

I'd call the friend first -- at least you know you'll get along with him/her on the job. That is extremely important. But if the friend won't toe the line (meaning he/she doesn't show up early, hustle all day, ask smart questions, and in general, make you look and feel good for hiring him/her), then go with the other person next time.

There are tons of really good juicers in Hollywood -- enough that nobody should ever get complacent in assuming they've somehow "arrived" and no longer have to bring their A game everyday. The only exceptions are those blessed by birth into one of the many family dynasties in town. Some of those guys really can get away with anything -- but the rest of us have to hit it hard every work day or else be left in the dust.

JD said...

Time for the coin flip.

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