Sunday, October 26, 2008

Jealous. Kinda. Sorta. Not really.

Life's a funny thing. It's never how you plan it. Despite growing up knowing that the "real world" would be tough, I never expected to be unemployed for this long at this point in my life. And to make this kick in the pants even worse, it's not really because of anything I've done. It's the economy... The pending actor's strike... Basically the mess that is the world. And while I know I'm not alone in my search for work, it still sucks.

Meanwhile, I have friends who seem to be flourishing. Booking back to back strike-proof features. Working non-stop. Shooting out in Bora Bora and staying at the St. Regis all on the company's dime. I'm sorta jealous of each and every one of them (especially the one in Bora Bora) but at the same time, I'm happy for them. And you know what? They deserve it. I know they work hard at what they do and most of them have been in the game too long to not be landing jobs like that.

I'm not gonna lie though. It does kinda suck to watch these guys go out and work on these amazing shoots while I'm sitting at home hoping for an offer, any offer, to pop up. But I guess I can find some comfort in knowing that I'm at least associating myself with some really good people. That's gotta mean something, right?

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