Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Auld Lang Syne.

In 2013, I ...

... learned to be happy with myself.
... realized that I've come a long way.
... stayed busier than I thought I would.
... had a few adventures.
... missed some old friends.
... made some new ones.
... learned some hard lessons.
... had a few good laughs.

I'm not going to lie. 2013 was a roller coaster of a year filled with lots of surprises and no part of it happened like I thought it would. I realized a lot about myself and this industry. I got a year older whether I liked it or not. There were some really fucking, shitty, bad times. But there were also some really good ones too.

Do I wish I could change any of it? Maybe. Probably. Absolutely.

But what's done is done and I can't go back and change the past. I can only move forward into the future and hope for the best. I can honestly say that I'm eager to see what 2014 brings. But if last year was any indication, I better prepare myself for one helluva ride.

Here's to a great 2013 and an even better 2014.

Happy New Year.

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