Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Freelancer Justice.

I was poking around the internet the other day, catching up on my reading, when I stumbled upon an article about how a web developer hijacked a client's website and publicly shamed them because they didn't pay him for his work. 

(Click to see it in a readable size.)

While I know there's two sides to every story and the client's saying they did pay him and blah blah blah, a little part of me couldn't help but do a fist pump after the first couple paragraphs because what freelancer, no matter the industry, hasn't wanted to do something like this? But the difference between us and a web designer is that we can't take back control over our work like this guy did when we get stiffed.*

And then it got even better. Further down the page, our little industry got a shout out.

 What really got me was this line:

"You don't get to sleep for days on end, but you do get to wait on your money forever."

 That definitely hit close to home on more than one occasion.

Previously. And previously.

* Although I did hear of a guy who hijacked the camera truck until the Producers finally paid everyone something, but that's another story.

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