Monday, July 23, 2012

Things That Don't Suck, Part 1.

In no particular order:

- Being first in the breakfast line.

- Hopping in right before the pass van takes off.

- Shooting in a cool store/museum/building/school with a game room.

- Food trucks for second meal.

- Taking gators and golf carts for a spin.

- Hanging out on the lift gate at lunch.

- When one day of work with a good crew turns into two weeks or more.

- Getting a wrap gift you can actually use and/or wear.

- Really good crafty.

- P.A.s who know how to do a proper lock up. ie: They don't shush you for every tiny thing despite set being a hundred yards away; They let you cross when the Director stops the scene to give notes even though we're still rolling; They let you onto set even though we're about to roll because they know you're supposed to be on set for the shot.

- Taking a blind call for work only to show up and realize you know a big chunk of the crew from one show or another.

- Setting down a light, turning it on and it's in the absolute perfect spot. "It's great! Don't touch it!"

- Taking home part of the set dressing at the end of the shoot.

- Tail lights when there's still daylight out.

- Locations that are five minutes from your house.

- Martinis where you only have one light playing.

- Full crew on load out and wrap days.

- Load out days in general.

- Beating the clock.

- Hard outs that actually mean it.

- Seeing the Gaffer across the room and knowing what he wants before he can even reach for his walkie. And even better, with an understanding nod to one another, you perform the task without one word being exchanged.

- Being able to use house power.

- Day exteriors.

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Anonymous said...

*Finding light stands in Goodwill for $10

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