Sunday, February 26, 2012

Thank Your Crew.

I just finished watching the Oscars and while this year's telecast wasn't too bad, the most memorable moment that stood out to me was actually from a commercial.

Sure, it's a little unrealistic and undoubtedly glamorized (not to mention such a blatant ad), but I thought it was nice to have us little thought of below-the-liners acknowledged on a night that's usually so focused on actors and their movies.

In a way, I also guess it's a smart move for Diet Coke to make an ad that pulls at heartstrings of often forgotten crew members. After all, while I may not personally drink the stuff, I can't remember a set, no matter what the budget, where a can of Diet Coke wasn't available at crafty. I think the company owes our industry a big thank you for being such a large part of their revenue stream.

And if any of you reading this win an Oscar one day, don't forget to thank your crew.  :)

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