Saturday, September 18, 2010

"Psycho Girl."

I've been keeping pretty busy these days and haven't had the energy (creative and otherwise) to actually sit down and write some new posts, so here's another page from my journal...

Spring, 2007

Yesterday, I got a live demonstration on how NOT to act on a set.
While I was working on day two of a [student film], a girl from [overpriced film school] came to work in the g/e department. She was kinda cool at first, but then started to call me names like "cunt," "whore," "slut," etc. A good ol' fashioned derogatory name calling is amusing every now and then, but not when it goes on all damn day! And then she started either hitting, kicking, or throwing things at me. That shit gets old fast.

Then, when she was wheeling in the nine-light, she didn't pay attention to how tall the stand was and ran it SMACK INTO THE ROLLING DOOR!* Of course, she was probably running with the wrong leg forward,** and the whole thing came crashing down. Then she wanted to just walk the whole thing back in, but hello! The thing's on wheels! It's just going to keep rolling forward when you try to prop it up unless you lock/block the wheels!

And the constant bitching! ALL fucking day she was bitching about how she either wanted a sandwich or some milk. Uhh... Why don't you stop your whining and get some already??

She was all anxious and ready to work and everything, but she was also playing the cutesy-catty-little girl role,*** but OMG! You're fucking 20! Stop acting like you're 16!

*We were shooting at a warehouse.
**On a rolling stand, it's best to have one leg lead so if you hit something (like a piece of cable), the whole unit doesn't topple over.
***I'll admit that playing the cutesy-little girl roll has a time and a place (ie: getting certain grips off their lazy butts and give you a hand) but a) it better have an off button and b) you still have to be good enough to justify your presence.


Peggy Archer said...

She *hit* you? WTF?

A.J. said...

Peggy - Yup. She'd throw "cutesy" punches and smack me with rolls of gel.

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