Thursday, July 21, 2016

I Need A Personal Cup Holder.

I might have to resort to getting one of these.

I have a legitimate question for everyone:

Let's say it's been a hectic day on set so far and you're really thirsty. You walk over to the coolers and grab that nice, icy soda you've been craving for the last half hour. You crack it open with a satisfying "pfssst" of the tab and take a refreshing swig.... And that's as far as you get before all hell breaks loose on the radio again and the Gaffer's calling out orders like a stoned frat boy at a drive thru.

What the fuck do you do with the opened can of soda?*

You don't want to chug it.
You can't put it on top of your set cart because you have OCD colleagues who'll toss it out.
You can't put it on a shelf of a lamp cart because that's where you pull lights from and spilling is a high possibility.
In fact, putting it on any cart is generally a bad idea.
Putting it on set furniture (tables, cabinets, etc) or any type of set dressing for that matter is a no-no.
So is putting it on the back of set walls.
As well as setting it on, or next to, a distro box.
Anywhere else (truck, gold room, etc) is too far away.

Where can you safely set down an open beverage on set? The same question goes for when you just got a plate of food/snack from crafty.

* Dolly grips, I don't want to hear you bragging about your own personal cup holders on the dolly.  :)


JD said...

No answer, but one of the many sources of waste on a shoot. Partial bottles of water with no name or initials, open mini bags of chips, cookies, granola bars, hald eaten fruit, etc. The film industry....we're so Green!

Emilio Mejia said...

Robocup? A lot of ACs put them on their carts or on monitor stands.

A said...

I try to hide them, Ill usually go behind tthe rear truck tire or under a jockey,rather than on/near the lift.

On set, terrain providing, same thing, just under a cart.

I'll use the same coffee cup all day, and its super annoying when those compulsive drink cleaners toss out still warm coffee, name on the cup, in an obvious I-intentionally-put-it-here spot. C'mon, really?

A.J. said...

JD - A genny op once told me the film industry is the 3rd worst industry in the world in terms of pollution.

Emilio - That's a more viable solution if I had my own cart. It might be a little weird for me to waltz up and just clip one of those on our tungsten cart, especially if I'm just a day player or something.

A - Those drink tossers annoy me, too! There's been more than once where I'll put my stuff down only to return a few minutes later to find my hot coffee gone but last weeks callsheets still there. WTF?

A said...

Saw this on a Dolly just yesterday-

D said...

I don't allow cupholders on my Dolly.

JD said...

A personal drone with built in cup holder electronically tethered to your location.

A.J. said...

A - I've seen those on camera carts and stuff before! But again, as a casual day player, what's a crew member supposed to do with their open drink??

D - Good to hear from you! So where do you put your open drinks??

JD - If only!

Anonymous said...

Bottle carabiner is a lifesaver for carrying water or other bottles on set. Ebay sell them in bulk


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