Friday, February 26, 2016


I spend a lot of time waiting.
Waiting for callsheets.
Waiting for pass vans.
Waiting for stake beds.
Waiting for my breakfast order.
Waiting for rehearsal to be done.
Waiting for the cameras to be set up.
Waiting for first team to be ready.
Waiting for them to get the take and move on.
Waiting for them to cut.
Waiting for them to turn around.
Waiting for the next scene to start.
Waiting for the first snack to arrive.
Waiting for lunch.
Waiting for second meal.
Waiting for the truck to arrive after a company move.
Waiting for the service elevators on location.
Waiting for them to call wrap.
Waiting for a call to come in.
Waiting for the call to come in.
I spend a lot of time waiting for the right opportunity to come around.
I wait in the sidelines while others take their turn.
I wait for the time when I'll be taken seriously.
I wait for when I won't be considered "new" or a rookie anymore.
I patiently wait for the time when my opinion will be valued.
I wait to be considered an equal, and eventually a leader.
I wait for the right people to notice the potential in me.
I wait for all of these things.
Some arrive faster than others.
But I am here.
For as long as it takes for the opportunity to arrive.

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Unknown said...

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