Friday, April 18, 2014

Zip Up!

As a woman working in a highly male dominated industry, how the hell do you politely tell a man in a room full of colleagues that his fly is down?

Seriously. Because I'd like to know. I've caught as many zippers down as days I've worked this week, and I've wrestled with how to mention it to the guy each time... or whether to mention it at all.

Which leads me to think that I've been spending way too much time about my colleagues' crotches so I'd appreciate some guidance on how to handle these situations so I can stop thinking about it.



Anonymous said...

Hey, ya got a license to sell hot dogs?
Ya left the shuttle bay doors open again.
The gaffer says to put a double on that!
Someone needs to shut the jockey box.
Just airing it out?

A said...

I think a quick and subtle "Fly's Down." Is the most polite way to handle it. Don't make an ordeal out if it or call them out in a crowd. Kinda like a quick nose scratch gesture to denote one has a bat in the cave.

Unfortunately everyone is at risk for the "Why ya looking at my junk?" joke.

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