Sunday, June 30, 2013

I was making my usual rounds on industry blogs when I got sucked into one that Michael Taylor recommended on his non-mid week mid-week post.

It's basically a tumblr blog run by a 1st AD posting gifs as it relates to our industry. Whether you're in the AD department or not, you'll find most of them entertaining and relatable as hell.

I've spent the better part of the morning browsing around on her site, and found this one to be the most amusing so far:
This is why you never volunteer to touch the electric equipment. Ever. Even if they say it’s ok. They’re just trying to fuck you over.

[Ed Note: I've never, ever said it's okay.]

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amy said...

I think Michael got that from me? I put it on my fb page a few months ago - word is getting around the industry about that tumblr blog.

Any way hi im amy this is me -
I'm hoping to make friends with fellow film bloggers.

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