Thursday, April 12, 2012

Crazy Comment Corner!

It's pilot season out here on the West Coast right now, which means the town is kinda busy. Which also means that this gal is busy making money to pay the billz while there's still money to be made. Unfortunately, that leaves little time for me to really write any posts for this blog.

But I have gotten a couple of interesting comments left on various posts lately. Most of which is blatant spam (even though I decided to keep using word verification for comments, despite how annoying they may be), but one in particular has got me scratching my head. It seems to be part spam, part human and 100% WTF??

Either way, I just thought it was too crazy no to share:

Thorozine said...
Are any of your stories actually true? Because as I have read about four of them, I am totally lost to the fact as to what point you have this blog. Is it a rant Blogger?
Don't call me jealous of you for asking such questions, I would be the last to feel such feelings toward a P.A. As I own many Motion Picture Companies in the valley. But just for cause, Just Cause... Why the tags? Rant & personal blah blah blabbing online to vent your reality of job hunts? I don't hire as many pa's as jobs you claim to obtain so often. How could it be you work as a PA everyday? Impossible. You should consider a writer's job instead. Fiction Xenical,Xanax,Thorozine,Diazepam,Co-Codamol, Prozac, Lithium.

Now, in case this is a serious comment from a treasured reader of this blog, I'll gladly address his or her concerns.

1) Don't worry. I'm not jealous of you asking questions.
2) I'm not a P.A.
3) What tags?
4) It's my blog and I'll rant if I want to. You would rant too if this happened to you.
5) If I get more jobs than you have P.A. positions, then I'm wondering exactly how many of your Motion Picture Companies in the valley are actually shooting anything.
6) I'm not a P.A.
7) I never said I work every day.
8) I'm sure there are some P.A.s that do.
9) I'm glad you think I'm a talented writer.
10) Thanks. I'll look into them.

I hope everyone's enjoying the busy season! :)


Unknown said...

*high five*

C.B. said...

What type of a production company does this reader claim to have? Oh, I see, it's at the bottom of his comment: Xenical, Xanax, Prozac and Lithium, to name a few.
No wonder he thinks you work as a P.A.

Nathan said...

Real production companies do coke. Obviously a poseur!

Michael Taylor said...

Love #4. I didn't think anybody your age would remember, much less reference, that old song.

Well played, AJ, well played...

Jesse said...

Odd this hasn't shown up on my microscopic sliver of the blogosphere seeing as:
I rant
I am a PA
I use tags
I bitch and moan and blah blah blab online to vent my reality of job hunts

I eagerly await mr. thorozine's critique.

John Myste said...

Thorozine is clearly an imposter. I find it very unlikely that someone who owned many production companies would compose such a poorly styled comment.

Additional, why did Thorozine proper case "Motion Picture" companies? Is it a proper name? I would not expect someone who owned a bunch of them to think of them as proper nouns.

I suspect that Thorozine is unemployed.

A.J. said...

Heather - Thanks!

C.B. - That's the part that has me all confused. Was this comment supposed to be spam, or a real comment?

Nathan - Good point.

Michael - Thanks, Michael!

Jesse - But are you jealous of him asking questions? ;)

John - I wouldn't be surprised if you're right!

C.B. said...

A.J. No, no, I think it's either:
1- This guy is making a living selling these drugs online and couldn't eliminate all the verbiage
2- This guy is actually taking a combination of these meds and can't think straight any longer
3- This guy's "production company" is actually manufacturing these meds, which is why he doesn't know what a grip is.
4- All of the above.

A.J. said...

C.B. - If #3 or #4 is true, does P.A. stand for Pharmaceutical Aide? Because that might explain a lot... Or not.

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