Sunday, December 11, 2011

Riding High In April, Shot Down In May...

"Wrap, wrap, wrap!"

The familiar end of the night call over the walkie reminded me of a quacking duck. My colleagues and I share a surprised look and we all check the time. Today's work was ending around 6pm, well before the standard 12 hours from call that we've all come to expect.


Then the P.A.s make their usual end of the night rounds and pass out call sheets for the next day, and with one glance at them, we suddenly realize the reason for our good fortune: we have a 5am call tomorrow.


But a 5am call tomorrow means that we'll wrap before sundown, and it's always a good thing when you get to enjoy even just a little bit of daylight off the clock.


Then we read further down the call sheet until we get to the location address. And damn, it's pretty far out there.


But on the bright side, a bumfuck early call time means no traffic in the morning!


But on the down side, that means we'll be hitting traffic on the way home. So much for enjoying the daylight...


My eyes wander even further down the page and see that the day after next pretty much as us on the same kind of schedule.

Ya- Aww.....

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