Monday, July 11, 2011

"Stay Cool."

Seen on my way to work the other day. (Please excuse the poor picture quality and the window glare.) Usually, signs like these* around town aren't uncommon as they're often found at exit off ramps and intersections, directing crew members to their respective shooting sites.** However, this one was found while I was driving (or rather, slowly creeping along in traffic) while on a freeway interchange.

* Hey Nathan, is there a specific name for these things? Crew signs? Production signs? Yellow thing-a-ma-bobs?
** They're usually printed with something show specific, like the name of the Production Company, an abbreviation of the show name, a character's name, etc. The most interesting one I've encountered up until now was one that said "Exit." I've always wondered if that one ever confused any non-filmy people driving around...


Nathan said...

I don't know about L.A. folks, but we call them "road signs" here. (As opposed to the paper ones all over set differentiating between "load in" and "men's room".)

And now I want to work on a show called "Exit".

Anonymous said...

Yellow directional signs
-from an la loc mgr

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