Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Reader Question.

I'm short on time this week, so I'm cheating by reposting a question that was left in the comments last week:*

Reader JesseF asked:
I've been gobbling up every industry blog I could locate for the last month and I'm just starting out in the grip field.
Having yet to land a gig I have one concern and that's that most of the blogs I see flat out state most everyone is under the age of 30. I happen to BE 30, and though I'm sure not old (and I look much younger) would people look askance at me for being "over the hill" in terms of starting out fresh in Hollywood? I have no desire to write, direct, etc. I really REALLY want to get my hands dirty and grip.
I'm throwing myself at it full tilt, doing whatever it will take to land a spot no matter what I have to climb over on the way there.

Maybe age gave me more confidence and clarity, but my only worry now is could it hold me back in how others perceive me? Regardless I'm going to still try, but advice is always welcome!

My opinion? The simple answer is, as long as you can do the job and get along with everyone, no body gives a damn about your age. The not so simple answer is, people may care about your age as much as people care that I'm a female. Take that as you will.

Either way, if you really do look much younger than 30, then what are you worried about?

*Side note: While I love it when discussions are started in the comments, the OCD side of me was slightly miffed when I saw his comment because it was so far off the topic of the post.


JesseF said...

Thank you for your feed back, I appreciate it. Im sorry, I couldn't for the life of me figure out where else to pose the question without dredging up one or two 2 year old posts on a related subject.

You guys have done a lot to quell my only remaining doubt. Ive already dove head in, with my past experiences its made the electrical side of grip easier than it may be for younger folks I imagine. For now im limited to student/free stuff till I have a few more contacts and more films for the resume but I -will- climb up that ladder. And ill be smiling as I do.

The Grip Works said...

30 is not old at all. You maybe behind in experience in comparison with other guys your age who started younger, but I dont think its too old to begin.
I love being a grip. I feel like I get paid to play everyday at work.
You obviously have a lot of enthusiasm. Keep it alive.
Good luck

Sanjay Sami

A.J. said...

JesseF - You could always try to e-mail me. Questions that get sent to me that I think would make an interesting blog post usually either gets posted or somehow gets addressed in an upcoming piece. If not, then get your own blog. :)

Either way, I'm glad to hear that you're jumping in and loving it. I'm sure your continued enthusiasm will be what gets you up that ladder.

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